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Simple multi threading in C

By | July 22, 2015

Looking for a simple and easy to understand explanation of multi threading in C using pthread? Here is a great article with examples and a step by step break down.

argp basic tutorial – step by step

By | July 21, 2015

This document is by far the best out there on the net explaining step by step how argp works! Download actual file here If you have ever wondered where to find the text “Give this help list”, it is contained in the file argp_parse.c This file is in the argp folder in the package… Read More »

./bitcoin-qt permission denied

By | July 15, 2015

Are you getting these errors on Ubuntu? >./bitcoin-qt > permission denied > sudo ./bitcoin-qt > command not found or the same with litecoin? >./litecoin-qt > permission denied > sudo ./litecoin-qt > command not found First of all, let’s back track a bit. You have probably gone to or and chosen to download the… Read More »

Ubuntu Eclipse JVM terminated. Exit code=8

By | July 6, 2015

Getting this error message here? JVM terminated. Exit code=8 /usr/bin/java -Xms40m -Xmx384m -jar /usr/lib/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.0.dist.jar -os linux -ws gtk -arch x86_64 -showsplash /usr/lib/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.platform_3.8.1.dist/splash.bmp -launcher /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse -name Eclipse –launcher.library /usr/lib/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.gtk.linux.x86_64_1.1.200.dist/ -startup /usr/lib/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.0.dist.jar –launcher.overrideVmargs -exitdata 31000a -vm /usr/bin/java -vmargs -Xms40m -Xmx384m -jar /usr/lib/eclipse//plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher_1.3.0.dist.jar It is probably because you are using incompatible JVMs. You probably ran an… Read More »