Monthly Archives: September 2016

Second Chances: Robert Kiyosaki

By | September 25, 2016

Another neat book by Robert. Neat references to New Zealand and rugby. A few grammatical errors throughout the book but as Robert said, he’s not a best writing author, he’s a best selling author. And who can disagree with that!              

OSX Cannot connect to the Docker daemon. Is the docker daemon running on this host?

By | September 19, 2016

On a Mac, there are 2 ways to start docker. In a terminal, you can type >> docker-machine start cloudnthings:~ cloudnthings$ docker-machine start Starting “default”… (default) Check network to re-create if needed… (default) Waiting for an IP… Machine “default” was started. Waiting for SSH to be available… Detecting the provisioner… Started machines may have new… Read More »

Confluence find and replace versus ctrl + F

By | September 12, 2016

I must admit I’ve never used the Confluence find and replace feature. It’s that little magnifying glass icon in the editor you may have seen that magically shows extra options. I’ve always preferred to use the Ctrl + F option which is the find option in the browser to find search for keywords. However, as… Read More »