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Useful command lines to know

By | March 20, 2023

Secure Copy scp [file on your computer] [destination host]:[folder] PIP JSON viewer One way to traverse YouTube is [header][c4TabbedHeaderRenderer][subscriberCountText][accessibility][accessibilityData][label] However, an easier way is to use a helper site.

How to install Python on Dreamhost

By | March 20, 2023

Dreamhost has a great resource for installing Python which can be found at: In particular, if you are using Python 3, this is the resource guide to use:

Git autocompletion is a must have

By | February 8, 2023

Get git autocompletion in 2 mins. Run the following commands: Step 1 Step 2 Add the following to your ~/.bash_profile file: Step 3 Apply the changes: If you don’t have permission, run: Step 4 Test

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Important Git commands to remember

By | December 18, 2022

–help is your friend after git + <your_command> Step 1: Check your branch Step 1a: If you need to create a branch Step 1b: If you need to delete a branch Others to keep in mind Step 2: Checking your remote NB: add -v for verbose Step 3: Staging your changes Step 3a: Un-staging your… Read More »

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How do I know if brew analytics is on or off?

By | September 26, 2022

Just type: and if brew analytics is enabled, it will say so. To turn it off, type: The other option is to set an environment variable: If you are interested to see what info is being sent, you can read this, or set this environment variable: What this does is displays the data being sent… Read More »

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Link to download macOS Mojave

By | September 18, 2022

If you are looking for how to upgrade to macOS Mojave, you won’t be able to find it in Apple’s app store because it will only show you the latest version. Here is the direct link:

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How to capture desktop audio with OBS on OSX

By | June 14, 2022

A quick and simple way is to use an application called Black Hole. Step 1: Once you have installed this, open up audio MIDI Setup Step 2: Add a Multi-Output Device as an option and tick both MacBook speakers AND BlackHole. Step 3: Then open up sound preference and route the sound through the… Read More »

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OSX cannot delete keychain

By | April 14, 2022

If you find yourself not able to delete a keychain entry check if you are using the search feature. If you are, try not using the search and look for it manually. It is a weird and very frustrating bug!

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