Controlling fan speed with Gigabyte 970A-D3P

By | June 1, 2024

TL;DR; I plugged the fan hub into the CPU fan socket and plugged the CPU fan into the SYS_FAN1 socket. Then it worked.

This is an old board so you’re gonna be wasting a lot of time. The SYS_FAN1

Th 970A-D3P has 4 pin on the CPU_Fan and Sys Fan 1 so it does support PWM but I couldn’t get the hub to work using SYS_FAN1. When I swapped it with the CPU_Fan, it finally worked. I have the CPU fan running at what seems to be 50% and the 6 fans from the hub running at min speed so the whole set up is very quite.

Useful commands to use:

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors // install lm-sensors
sudo apt-get install fancontrol // install fancontrol
sudo sensors-detect // detects your system (answer YES to all)
sudo service kmod start // populate modules file
cat /etc/modules // see what was populated

sudo pwmconfig // start the config process
cat /etc/fancontrol // see fan settings
man fancontrol // understand settings

sudo nano /etc/fancontrol // set fan settings
sudo service fancontrol restart // apply changes
sudo service fancontrol start // run on start up

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