Meeting the creator of PHP

By | September 1, 2014

rasmus lerdof

It was pretty neat to meet in person Rasmus Lerdof, shake his hand, hear him talk about his PHP story and also get some one on one time. I had no idea that PHP is basically C under the hood with a wrapper.

He talked about how he is not a real programmer but really just wanting to solve a problem as quickly as possible with the tools that he has. He talked about moving from Canada down to South America and then to Silicon Valley and then back to Canada and it must have been an exciting time around the mid to late 90’s. He had just bought my first computer in 97 and was trying to figure out what Windows 95 was!

He is clearly very switched on and who would have thought someone like Rasmus would drop by little Wellington. Wraps to PHP NZ for getting him here!

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