Get text and cmd in

By | August 22, 2021

TestProject is a really neat app to perform automated testing. It takes a bit of getting use to but is generally really easy to use. I had a situation where I was manually logging in every hour to get solar data in order to plot my cumulative generation. I get instantaneous output overtime from the… Read More »

CDPF research

By | August 21, 2021 The Cobb-Douglas Production Function Once Again: Its History, Its Testing, and Some New Empirical Values An Alternative Interpretation of the Cobb-Douglas Function Alternative Approaches to the Estimation of Production Functions and of Technical Change A COMPARISON .OF ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTION FUNCTION MODELS USING NON-NESTED HYPOTHESIS TESTS The Cobb–Douglas Production Function

Command line convention – space or no space

By | August 14, 2021

Something I learnt today is that when you are passing flags into a command line application, both these syntaxes are equivalent. What is also interesting is that there are lots of other conventions such as combining all the flags together with no space. For more information refer to this useful article:

What are files

By | August 7, 2021

Stack overflow has a great answer to this question that can be found at: Please read the original source for more info as it is copied here for convenience only. The .map files are for js and css (and now ts too) files that have been minified. They are called SourceMaps. When you minify a file, like the angular.js file, it takes… Read More »

How to delete Microsoft AutoUpdate on Mac

By | July 11, 2021

The Microsoft AutoUpdate on Mac OSX is so annoying, and there is no quick way to remove it or disable it. The fact that this option is not available in the menu is ridiculous. To actually remove it, you’ll have to navigate to the /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0 folder and delete the app from there.

Why touching neutral and earth trips an RCD

By | June 24, 2021

If you are wondering why the RCD trips when you accidentally touch the neutral and earth together even though the circuit breaker is off, here is a neat video to explain why. Basically, the other circuits will still be live and when the neutral and earth conductors are touched, it gives the current returning on… Read More »