What does uname stand for?

By | July 6, 2023

The uname command stands for “UNIX Name.” It is a standard command found in Unix-like operating systems, including Linux and macOS. The uname command is used to retrieve system information about the underlying operating system and machine.

The uname command can be used with different options to display specific information. Some commonly used options include:

  • -a: Displays all available information about the system.
  • -s or --kernel-name: Displays the kernel name.
  • -n or --nodename: Displays the hostname of the machine.
  • -r or --kernel-release: Displays the kernel release version.
  • -v or --kernel-version: Displays the kernel version.
  • -m or --machine: Displays the machine hardware name.
  • -p or --processor: Displays the processor type or architecture.
  • -i or --hardware-platform: Displays the hardware platform.
  • -o or --operating-system: Displays the operating system name.

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