It’s the putting right that counts.

By | August 26, 2015

Even the big guys get it wrong but it’s the putting right that counts. Thanks Atlassian

jira_screenshotjira_screenshot2So a colleague of mine asked me “Where is the attach screenshot option in JIRA?” I had no idea and thought I had incorrectly configured the permission scheme but I’ve never come across this issue before and it WAS working. After checking the permission scheme and doing some simple Googling, I hit a dead end and ended up emailing the friendly guys at Atlassian support.

I then scoured the release notes and found no reference to any new features and just a link to about a hundred issues in the issue navigator. I ended up “watching” the space.

Then, out of the blue 10 hrs later, I get this blog, and then it all started making sense.


Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 7.12.33 AM

It does prove that even the big boys do make mistakes. We all do. But it is the putting right that counts and the subsequent link to the updated release notes ( says “…Due to this, we’ve removed the Attach screenshot menu item, and the Attach file menu item now opens a File browser dialog to allow you to browse to your file or image….”

In the world of Software as a Server (SaaS) or the Cloud or OnDemand, they all mean the same thing, companies are fixing bugs and rolling out new features and enhancements on an ever increasing frequency. Right under our noses.

What does this mean?

Communication is key. If something affects the UI or usability, then customers need to know and preferably a head of time.

Can you imagine how much time was spent? 15 minutes from my colleague, 30 mins by me confirming, replicating, Googling and logging a ticket. Then another 30 minutes in dialog with the support time. And this is not to mention the context switching involved.

Thanks Atlassian for the follow up communications and the awesome release notes for JIRA 7.0-OD-02

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