What to do when IBM Cast Iron is non responsive?

By | September 15, 2015

If the IBM Websphere Cast Iron Web Management Console becomes non responsive, then the command line will be your best friend. SSH into the appliance using Putty if in windows or the standard terminal in Linux and run the various system commands from the link to the docs below.


Useful commands:

system clean running

This will try and stop the running jobs

system restart

This restarts the run time and should take about 1 minute.

system reboot

This reboots the appliance and will take about 5 minutes

system show status

This will show you what components are running. You want all 3 to be “up”


system clean all

This one will do a factory reset so take care! If you end up doing a factory reset, you’ll have to use a whole bunch of net set commands to set the emgmt and edata IP’s, the mask and also the broadcast IP.


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