How to install MuleSoft MMC Trial Version in Windows

By | September 4, 2015

The Mule docs do a great job in explaining how to install the Mule Management Console (MMC) and it looks almost too easy. However, when I double clicked on startup.bat I got this error message:

Starting MMC, please wait...
Starting Mule, please wait...
MULE_HOME is set to C:\Mule
Unable to locate a Wrapper executable using any of the following names:
Press any key to continue . . . Neither the JAVA_HOME nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined
At least one of these environment variable is needed to run this program


I had my MULE_HOME directory set and worst I didn’t have my JAVA_HOME directory set. I had to go into my environment variables (Google setting environment variables if you are not sure) and change MULE_HOME to MULE_HOME_old and add in JAVA_HOME


After this, Tomcat kicked into life and I could start the MMC at http://localhost:8585/mmc-3.7.0/login.jsp


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